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Look & Feel Like the Goddess You Are!

Fitness and Nutrition Programs for Women, for Life. You Ready?

When life gets busy, our nutrition and fitness are usually the first things to take a backseat. But
what if working out wasn’t a dreaded chore? What if exercise was something you could look
FORWARD to every day, surrounded by likeminded women with the same goals as you?

Programs That Fit Your Lifestyle & Goals

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My Name is Edina Pecsi, and I Want to Train With You!

For as long as I can remember, health and fitness have been a part of who I am. But it’s about
more than looking like a model worthy of a magazine spread. It’s about how you FEEL! The
benefits of exercising and eating healthy are infinite, but falling off the bandwagon is way easier than getting (and staying) on it. I know.

Today, my mission is to connect with as many women as possible to help them take small steps towards a positive, balanced lifestyle where health, nutrition, and fitness come first!


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Did You Download the App Yet?

Get the EP Fitness App on iOS or Google Play to keep your health and nutrition in your
pocket wherever you go. Delicious recipes, home & gym training programs with progress tracking and much more.

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About Edina

If there’s anyone who understands how hard it can be to achieve your goals, it’s Edina. This ex-PRO swimmer is no stranger to adversity, but she’s also never failed to thrive in the face of them.

Today, she wants to help others live their best lives through fitness and nutrition programs for women.


Hailed as the “accountability master”, Edina believes that the only way to help her clients achieve their goals is to be raw and honest.


She holds women responsible and accountable for sticking to their nutrition and training programs, building positive habits they can sustain forever.

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