Top 10 Bodyweight Glute Exercises without Weights

If your gym is closed down at the moment and you still want to make those booty gains have no fear! You still can with these 10 bodyweight glute exercises without using weights.

Before getting into the exercises let's go over glute training a little bit.

First off let's look into how your booty actually grows bigger. It is called hypertrophy (increase in muscular size) and there are three main mechanisms you will want to focus on when training your glutes (or any other muscles).

1. Mechanical Tension

Think of this as lifting a heavyweight in a controlled manner through a full range of motion with a progressive overload. Lifting heavier over time.

2. Muscle Damage

Have you ever felt sore after a workout? Maybe even a day or two later? This is the result of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and is a crucial part of the muscle-building process. During your workout, you have created micro-tears in your muscle that will need to be repaired. Also, the concentric movement (lifting a weight) and eccentric movement (lowering the weight also called the negative portion) play a huge role in creating muscle damage. We can target this form of hypertrophy using our bodyweight only. So for growing our glutes make sure to focus on the eccentric portion of the movements. If someone tells you bodyweight training is too easy and you won't be able to train hard enough ask them to do this simple exercise, just 10 bodyweight squats. Yep, that's it! Just 10. But... they have to take 10 seconds on the way down (negative portion) and hold at the bottom for another 10 seconds (iso hold), a simple 10 reps of bodyweight squats just turned into a killer 3 minute plus set that will elicit some great muscle damage.

3. Metabolic Stress

You know that feeling you get when you are working out and your muscles are PUMPED and feel fuller. This is usually caused by lifting a moderate to high amount of reps per exercise with a lower amount of weight and creating a blood pooling effect in the muscles (cell-swelling - PUMP).


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Now that we went over hypertrophy a little, let's get into exercise selection. This will also play a vital role in the development of your glutes when creating your workout program.

When choosing your exercises to grow your glutes it's a great idea to look at the different muscles in the glutes and how to target them.

Gluteus Maximus - The largest muscle of the glutes (and the body) Has an upper and lower region. Some exercises for the upper part would be clamshell raises, banded walks, side-lying hip abduction. Some exercises for the lower part would be split squats, lunges, deadlifts, squats.

Gluteus Medius and Minimus - These are smaller muscles of your glutes and are located just above your hip joint, with the glute minimus underneath the glute medius. Some exercises to target these glute muscles would be banded walking done laterally, side plank with hip abduction. It is important to note that when performing glute exercises you will most likely work each part of the glutes a little bit during the exercise even though you wish to target just one portion of your glutes.

Let's get into the Top 10 Bodyweight Glute Exercises without Weights

1. Single Leg Hip Thrusts

2. Banded Glute Bridge Pulses

3. Reverse Hypers

4. Banded Frog Pumps

5. Banded Clams

6. Banded Single Leg Glute Bridge

7. Banded Seated Abduction

8. Banded Side to Side Leg Kicks

9. Banded Crab Walks

10. Hip Thrusts (Video shown with dumbbell)

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We hope you have found these 10 Bodyweight glute exercises useful and can introduce them into your program. Wishing you all these best with your booty gains in 2021!


Edi & Chris