• One time payment of $55 CAD and both the Gym & Home Program are forever yours


Our 6 - week Ultimate Booty Program is designed to grow and power up your glutes and recomp your whole body.  Working on your glutes doesn`t just get you strong, it helps your wole body to keep strong. This program comes in GYM and HOME based options (you will receive both options), so you can train wherever you feel like it. 

The Ultimate 6 - week Booty Program is designed to power up your glutes with targeted lower body workouts, however, we have included  upper body and core workouts for each week to make sure you will get your whole body strong.




  • 6 - week training program with GYM and HOME based option (you will receive both)
  • Glute focused training plan with extra upper body and core 
  • Educational content about The Science behind the Glutes
  • How to build muscle, periodization, training mistakes
  • How to calculate your macros, nutrition guideline... and so much more
  • PDF download - all workout videos and explanations are included
  • Any fitness level is welcome
  • One time payment - the file is forever yours 

The Ultimate Booty Program

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